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As an employer you will be depending on your workforce to deliver your product or service, in order to achieve this in an efficient way, with the maximum benefits how you communicate and resolve internal matters with your employees is of paramount importance.

Your employees serve at the forefront of your business and organisation, how they interact with your clients or customers, your suppliers and business owners reflects on the organisation as a whole. Business reputations are precious, as are personal reputations.

Where employees may not be acting in the best interest of the company, or not reaching their full potential because of a concern at work, it is obviously in the company’s interest to resolve such matters.

At ETHICSPRO we work with employers to achieve and reconcile any work place concerns that employees may have with your business. Our aim is to help you keep those concerns confidential to the company, so that you can minimise costs which may arise in the form of:

Waste of company resources

Bullying and harassment

Workplace safety

Equality in the workplace

Wrongful termination

Over working

Abuse of company property


Unethical behaviour

Lack of training

At ETHICSPRO we provide a wide variety of services to companies in workplace training, developing programs which are specific to your organisation, that communicate your company’s core values in the areas of acceptable work place behaviour such as codes of conduct, and ethics programs. We also provide an anonymous reporting facility which is based in Ireland and compliant with data protection law, whereby your employees or other stakeholders of the business can report perceived wrongdoing or workplace concerns directly to you. This may save you time and money in the long term, by preventing small concerns on an individual basis from escalating to larger ones affecting larger groups of people which may result in damage to your business reputation.

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