Information for Contractors

For Contractors

If you are working for an organisation and not on their payroll, the chances are that you are contracting a service. That being the case the rules for internal reporting may be a little different for you, in that you are not most likely protected by the employer, employee relationship and accordingly will not wish to have any reprisal against your own company for reporting a concern in another.

Ethicspro can take your report, confidentially, the same as we treat all reports. There may be a code of conduct policy which as a contractor you had to sign, you should always be mindful of any situation which would put you “in breach of contract”

If you have a concern at work, and are unsure how to proceed you can contact us through our reporting page by selecting the “Please Advise ME CO” from our reporting section which can be accessed on our landing page here

Or simply mail a query to us without mentioning where you work or any individuals.