What is Ethicspro

What is Ethicspro

Ethicspro is an independent third party organisation which facilitates and creates a secure channel for your employees, customers, suppliers or company stakeholder to report concerns in respect of your organisation, while maintaining their anonymity.

These concerns can relate to

  • Fraud
  • Unethical/Inappropriate behaviour
  • Misuse of company assets
  • Regulatory issues
  • etc

Our website enables stakeholders within an organisation to highlight wrongdoing, create a trail of evidence that can be investigated and at the same time maintain their anonymity. The unique selling point of our web tool is that whistleblower’s identity will be kept anonymous and Ethicspro will bring the allegations to the attention of company concerned.

How Ethicspro Works

On sign-up, a company is given unique login which is then communicated to employees, often through an organisation’s specific “ethical reporting at work policy” or through HR documents, contracts etc.

If a stakeholder within a subscribing organisation wishes to report an incident, wrongdoing, fraud or unethical behaviour etc they simply log into Ethicspro and enter the relevant details.  On logging an incident, the “reporter”( whistleblower) is given a unique case number known only to them,  they can then use this unique case number to access their report in order to track progress or communicate with our Ethicspro team. The identity of the individual remains completely anonymous.

The reported incident is reviewed by our team and sent securely by us to the key personnel nominated by the company management when they sign up to Ethicspro. These key personnel are listed under the subscribing organisation on our website, so the individual making the report is aware of exactly who will review the information submitted by them.  Once the company receives details of report they decide how to proceed or follow up.



Each report is received and processed on a unique case identifier with unique password security known only to the report presenter. Ethicspro uses Secure Socket Layer encryption for the management of its cases and report access, tailored to your organisation.

Ethicspro can not only tailor specific pages on our site to match yours, we can also tailor specific questions for your organisation as proofing for report validations, as well as develop methods to assist you in gathering the information you require to commence an investigation.


We can accept reports 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we can be a source of advice to your stakeholders and those who wish to report a concern over via communications forums such as telephone and dedicated mail

We can provide your organisation with a bespoke web link on your website or intranet. To find out how we can help you email us here